I’m a software engineer working on data protection in the context of storage area networks, specifically application-aware snapshot agents and automated disaster recovery.

Earlier, I was a graduate student in Computer Science at Stony Brook University where I was part of the Network Security and Applied Cryptography Lab with Prof. Radu Sion.

As part of my Masters thesis and an internship at Motorola Labs, I designed a mobile-to-mobile digital rights management system for personal content and developed a prototype on Motorola E680i Linux-based smartphones.

In my spare time, I’ve been trying to modernize the Plogger web-based photo gallery. It’s no longer maintained by its original developer, and there are better options out there, but I have a soft spot for Plogger because of its simplicity. Last year, I modified the software to add site-wide password protection and user management features. I have now created a GitHub repository with my changes, and I’m trying to do more work on it when I can. Please consider forking it and contributing changes if you’re interested.

Originally from Mumbai, India, I currently live in New York.

You can email me at sid at sidbhatt.com.